These days fashion industry came to a point where every label started to demand a sustainable innovation from their suppliers. In addition to designs, suppliers are expected to innovate new fabrics that could catch great reaction in sales. So it really is the combination of the perfect fabric with the perfect shape that brands are after. However, not everyone is aware of this fact on the supplier side. Only the industry pioneers strive to offer new products that does not exist on the market; whereas others follow after the pioneers.

What makes us to stand on the Pioneer side is due to the fact that we perceive the term supplying differently. We believe supplying is not only manufacturing the perfect good and then catching the lead time. Further than that, we believe that the term supplying requires to provide consistent innovation to the customers. As suppliers, we have to be the great innovators to keep our customers up to date and adress to their needs at our best. Being the great innovator does require a strong infrastructure. Within the decades of experience in the field, we are partnered up with the strong suppliers whom have been accompanying us through out the journey. We closely work with our fabric suppliers starting from the yarn selection on the fabric development phase. We spend significant time/budget on this phase together. We create great fabrics that are later turned in to great products designed by our own. Our unique co-operation with the suppliers and with the team helps us to stand strong against the globalised market. As a result of our innovative and fast paced development skills backed by strong production, we are a true Pioneer of the industry!