Ersin started operations with the underwear exports to Europe in 1987. We then build our own production plant in 1995 where we started manufacturing tops and bottoms that were being exported to European retails.  As time passed by, we have significantly widened our customer network and became one of the leading garment suppliers in Turkey.

Our area of expertise is on garments made of circular knitted fabrics. We have been working on this area ever since our establishment. Our main production line was based on basic fabrics back in the days. However, in late 2000’s we have believed in the power of cut and sew and the fancy fabrics before than anyone else. Our belief lead us to improve this field so we started developing fabric qualities with our main supplier. We are one of the few manufacturers to introduce this field to European retails. As clear it is, we are the Pioneer of this area.

Our infrastructure is settled to serve and produce this certain area better than anyone else. We have succeeded in improving  many retail’s both fabric and design vision. Our customers were able to display better products in their stores by our help. We have succeded this with many retails but we are still aiming to widen our customer network and spread the area to many more retails with passion.